How We Do It

What’s Included in Our services

Our experienced team at PALS public adjusters will be working with you throughout the whole claims process to ensure that all aspects and issues related to your damaged property after the disaster is properly addressed to your insurance company. Apart from documenting your loss, when needed PALS Public Adjusters may incorporate experts such as industrial hygienist, engineers, architects, accountants, and appraisers needed to properly adjust and prepare your complex claims. Our comprehensive repair and restoration report will address all the issues that your insurance company’s adjuster might overlook or not have the expertise to properly identify and allow for payment of your claim

How we do it?

Reviewing your Policy

First we will review the contract of the insurance policy because it is critical in the early stages. Our team does a comprehensive investigation of the losses in order to understand the variables of each specific type of loss that has occurred due to disasters. Together with our team of experts and consultants, we will identify, research, examine, estimate, adjust and appraise the overall value of the client’s property loss.

Estimating Your Damages

Our team will sit down with the clients and prepares a claims package that involves reports, proposals, estimates, photographs, inventories and other supporting documentation that is needed to present to the client’s insurance company. We use the latest cost estimating software for the preparation of reports. A strategy will then be developed for presentation purposes.

Adjusting your Claim

Our team of experts does everything to assist you with your Claims. Communication and negotiations with our client’s insurance company is a process that evolves as the claim development is underway. Issues of policy coverage, local, state & federal laws are addressed. Mitigation and reconstruction of building systems are presented and debated with the insurance company’s adjuster.

Maximizing Your Settlement

In order to maximize your settlement having knowledge of a policyholder’s rights and duties under an insurance policy are crucial in order to navigate through the complexity of the insurance claim. PALS Public Adjusters excels in the advocacy of the client. Maximum recovery and indemnity of the policyholder’s property loss is our goal. All avenues and means will be exhausted in making sure that the property owner gets a fair settlement that will return them to “Pre-Loss” conditions.

Our public adjusters service the following areas

PALS Public Adjusters continues to expand into several regions of the US. Currently, our licensed PALS public adjusters can assist property owners with damage in the following locations:

  • Florida

Expert Disaster Property Loss Consultants working for you!

PALS Public Adjusters was founded in a region that’s well known for its high risk of natural disasters such as tropical storms, hurricanes, floods, fires and other catastrophes. We have become a known advocate for policyholders and Insurance claims who have worked with the consequence of property damage to homes and businesses due to hurricanes and storms.

Our licensed public adjusters have represented and settled thousands of property insurance claims on behalf of the property owners. PPA’s trained staff and adjusters come from many diverse backgrounds such as customer relations, architecture, emergency restoration, marketing, business administration and also from inside the insurance carrier side of the property insurance industry. With the combination of these various disciplines gives our firm a competitive edge in excelling the practice of public insurance claims adjusting, property loss consulting and loss appraisals.


PALS Public Adjusters works on the core principles centered on the needs of our clients. Our careful representation and insurance claim management strategies provides your property loss claim with an opportunity to maximize the benefits of your insurance policy coverage in an efficient and pro-active manner. Understanding the nature of identifying damage and properly appraising the value of your claim is our specialty. Speak with our PALS public adjuster today. Call  561-989-3221