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Commercial & Residential Insurance Claims

Let PALS Public Adjusters inspect your commercial or residential damages andlosses with you. Call us at 561-989-3221 today and speak with our licensed Public Adjuster for a Freeclaim consultation.


Residential Property Damages caused by natural disasters affects so many things around you especially the places of work and stay.Often times, property owners who have never dealt with insurance companies after the damage occurs either settle for a low offer from an insurance company representative or feel that they can fight with their insurance companies for more money on their own. Not knowing the Insurance Policy claims for your residential building can cause the Insurance companies to offer you very less claims.PALS Public Adjusters is one of the leading Public Adjuster in Florida and we are equipped to handle all your residential insurance claims covered under your Insurance Policy.


Condominium Property Damages can occur when there is usually a hurricane, storm or cyclone. We have experts who work with you and the property owner in understanding your condominium insurance claims so we can effectively resolve your insurance claims. We also collaborate with Homeowners Association (HOA) board members & property managers so we can help you claim your insurance considering all the condominium by-laws and other complex insurance coverages involved. Always reach out to PALS Public Adjuster to help you out with your property insurance claims.

Hotel & Motels

Hotels & Motels that experience a disaster forces you to make property damage repairs. There are lots of complications you have to go through -dealing with vacancies and keeping your occupants accommodated to avoid being financially burned are some. But your insurance claims have other complex factors involved. Allow PALS Public Adjusters to help you; we are good in creating a successful claims management strategy that will prepare you for potential pitfalls. Search for PALS Public Adjusters in Florida and we will always be there to help you.

Restaurants Property

Restaurants have bigger concerns after there is a disaster or damage on their properties. Usually the owners go for the restaurant property loss claim. You also have tokeep your restaurant open and get back in business in order to avoid being financially challenged. Your restaurant property loss claim has several complex issues involving the scope of property damage repairs, business interruption coverage, health department compliance, building code upgrades, and the loss of employees. Reach out to Pals Public Adjuster in Florida immediately. Let us handle all the restaurant property disaster claims for you.


Supermarkets’ Disasterinvolves loss of inventory and equipment’s and other unforeseen upgrades. If you don’t solidify your claims package from your insurance company you will find it hard because of the policies under your Insurance claims. It is crucial to evaluate the scope of loss or damage after a Property disaster. We at PALS Public Adjuster can help you avoid possible pitfalls such as co-insurance clauses that can significantly affect your insurance claim pay out and cripple your business if not properly informed.

School Institutions

School Institutions to early childhood learning centers have to ensure they follow a well-structured claims handling practice with a strategy in place. Generally an educational institutional insurance claim involves Issues of maintaining student enrolment, business interruption, business personal property, building & improvements damage and safety requirements, you will face complex issues when filing for claims. PALS Public Adjuster can help you through your insurance claims so they are well represented.

Religious Institutions

Religious institutions require a careful documentation & review of the insurance policy coverage over its benefits. PALS Public Adjuster assists have worked in recovering the insurance claims for all faith-based organizations whether an institution is affected by a hurricane or a disaster. While managing insurance claims for religious institutions, it is imperative to focus on having to temporarily relocate and avoid losing members of your congregation. Reach us at PALS Public Adjuster to assist you in your insurance claims.

Industrial Facility

Industrial Facilitiesexperiences greater damage if they are affected by a Disaster and mostly the insurance claims are tailored towards the business’s operational needs. Your Business needs a specialized strategy that focuses on resolving problems over building alterations, code compliance, OSHA Standards, Business Interruption, value of stock, retention of employees, and repair & restoration logistics. PALS Public Adjuster can help you with your Insurance claims. Call us immediately at 561-989-3221.

Business Interruption

Businesses are Interrupted after a Disaster, the overall Business operations and functions are brought to a halt. During this time you need to ensure you have a carefully documented everything involving all issues right from the period of interruption and to the exact amount of time for the period of restoration. PALS Public Adjusters will work with experienced forensic accountants to ensure that you have a carefully executed Business Interruption claim presentation for your insurance carrier.

Large Loss

Disaster Strikes on Big Assets causes heavy and large losses to your property, lands or other things you own. The expertise from experienced staff fromPALS Public Adjusters can help you come up with a solution to recover your large loss insurance claims. Most insurance companies and their adjusters do not have the experience and proper claim skills to understand the issues related to your complex large loss claims. PALS Public Adjusters has a skilled team of Specialized Adjusters to help you.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Breakdown is one of the biggest issues after a major disaster. PALS Public Adjusters can assist you with your insurance claims for the breakdown of your light and heavy machinery equipment’s. Your Business may have incurred damages to essential equipment such as: motors, pumps, HVAC systems, aircraft machinery, boilers, renewable energy equipment, transformers, refrigerators, copiers or any other machine. Let our adjusters assist you with any of your machinery breakdown claims. You need to understand the complexities of each piece of equipment and other negative impacts it can have on any adjoining equipment’s. Call Us Immediately.

Medical Facility

Medical Facilities such as hospitals and clinics suffer heavy Losses after a Disaster.Major Losses ranges from property damage of the building or it alterations, mechanical breakdown of equipment’s in the facility such as CAT scan & MRI equipment’s, and total business interruption. These issues are complex and require a specialized team of experts to assist you in the claims of you insurance for your medical facility. Immediately reach out to PALS Public Adjusters to assist you with your insurance claims.